Enhanced Hearing

Hearing protection combined with super natural hearing.

Full situational awareness with the ability to communicate and hear the surroundings at all times is critical. Soldiers need to maintain natural hearing and still have protection from potentially damaging impulse noises, such as gunshots or explosions, as well as continuous noise from vehicles and aircrafts.

INVISIO uses advanced digital signal processing, miniaturised audio components and ergonomic headset design to provide the most natural hearing possible - even in extreme conditions.

INVISIO positions the hear-thru microphone within the external contours of the outer ear, utilising the outer ear capability of detecting origin of the sound and providing full 360 degree situational awareness. Advanced miniaturised speakers and microphones reproduce the sound naturally.

Digital signal processing not only improves hear-thru quality by compensating for the inherent loss of ear canal resonance to improve situational awareness, but also protects the user with instantaneous compression of audio signals exceeding a dangerous threshold.

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