Introducing INVISIO V60 II ADP

The ultimate warfighter hub and advanced PTT.

Designed to bridge audio, data and power, the V60 II ADP provides the modern warfighter more functionality with less devices.

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The INVISIO communication systems

Tailored solutions for defense and law enforcement.

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Designed to provide crystal clear communication and hearing protection in extreme environments.

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Our tactical communication systems cover a wide range of advanced tactical communication gear, providing hearing protection and situational awareness in extremely noisy environments.

The INVISIO system thinking

Bridging the gap between mounted and dismounted scenarios.

INVISIO personal equipment and intercom systems are based on simplicity, modularity and flexibility to fit the communication needs of both the mounted and dismounted professional, regardless of operational requirements.

System Thinking 1640X984

Case Story

INVISIO solutions deployed to US Army

The INVISIO communication system has been deployed to over tens of thousands of soldiers throughout the US. 

First and foremost, it’s going to protect soldiers’ hearing, but to also integrate a radio system with ear protection is phenomenal. I also like the advanced hearing enhancement. That will help us on the battlefield.

David Kimsey, US Army

Company Commander, 4th BCT, 10th Mtn Div, US Army

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Case Story

Reliable hearing protection and communication in France

The French Army has been using the INVISIO communication system since 2016 at events such as 2016 European Football Championship, Tour de France and Bastille Day.

A well-performing and easy to use system for Green Army units for domestic operations coupled with the militarized smartphone.

French army

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Case Story

Increased safety for the Royal Danish Army

All combat soldiers swapped their old radio equipment for the new radio and INVISIO headset system. INVISIO has subsequently integrated more audio devices into the control unit to give a complete audio system for the Danish Army.

The goal was to increase soldier safety by eliminating hearing damage and reducing operational complexity.

Danish army

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Communication systems
INVISIO systems consist of a range of tactical communication and hearing protection devices for use in extreme environments. The systems bridge the gap between multiple application scenarios and across land, air, and sea.
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