Growing global niche market

INVISIO's current customers are primarily in defense and security. At present, more than 90 per cent of INVISIO's income is from military customers. Industry statistics show that globally there are about 50 million soldiers, of which 20 million are deemed to be active. The largest number of soldiers are in countries in Asia, but their defense forces do not yet invest in advanced communication and hearing protection systems.

Technologically mature countries with awareness of hearing protection issues and whose soldiers have access to advanced radio communication in operations constitute INVISIO's primary target group. About two million potential users are serving in these countries' defense forces.

The percentage of radio users is growing continually and is mainly driven by the increased operational safety and efficiency requirements of defense forces. In addition, INVISIO drives growth by developing new, innovative solutions that gradually raise the industry's performance, functionality and user experience requirements.



Current target market

Defense customers normally invest in INVISIO's systems when they modernize their communication equipment. The value of the global market for INVISIO's current products is estimated to be about SEK 20 billion. As a rule, our customers carry out procurements at four-year intervals, which means that the average annual target market for INVISIO's products is about SEK 5 billion. Consequently, there is still great potential for continued growth in the target market.



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