A fulfilling workplace

A fulfilling workplace
INVISIO combines the procedures and long-term perspective of a large company with the agility and commitment of a small company. The culture is characterized by a clear innovative spirit, a desire for constant development and a belief in the ability of individual employees to be free to make the right decisions.

Competition for competent, experienced and committed employees is strong. The ability to identify, attract, develop and retain the right employees with the right skills and approach is crucial for the company’s continued success. INVISIO works continuously to develop the company’s attractiveness as an employer. This is done both by offering competitive terms and benefits of employment, but also by offering good opportunities for ongoing professional development and a stimulating work environment.

As a complement to external recruitment, there is a drive to enable internal mobility and career development.


Bonus and option programs for everyone

All employees are included in the annual bonus program, and the outcome is governed by regulations determined by the Board of INVISIO and linked to the company’s performance during the year.

In addition, all employees are included in the company’s two current share option programs, provided that they were employed at the start of the respective program. Through this arrangement, INVISIO wants to strengthen commitment in the company and promote a sustainable long-term personnel policy, which strengthens the company’s brand as an attractive employer.


Leadership training

INVISIO is a distinctive knowledge-based company. It is therefore of the greatest importance that employees continually enhance their skills. This applies not only to technical development but also to how INVISIO designs and runs its internal processes and leadership in the company.

Among the continuing professional education activities is the GROW leadership training, which is run externally, and in which many employees have participated over the years.

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Gender equality and diversity

At INVISIO everyone – regardless of sex, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion or other belief – is to have the same chance at recruitment and career development. Violations and any form of discrimination are unacceptable. Questions concerning work environment, health and safety are regulated in the company’s staff manual.

As in many technology companies, the percentage of women in the operations is relatively low. At the close of 2021 the figure was about 18 per cent (19 per cent in 2020). The stated objective is that both sexes should be represented among the final candidates in all recruitment processes. The long-term goal is to achieve a more even gender balance at the workplace.

The proportion of women on the Board of INVISIO is 66 per cent.


Recurrent employee surveys

Great effort is put into regularly measuring and following up employees’ attitudes and the initiatives taken within the Group.

Recurrent employee surveys are an important part of this work. This enables regular follow-up, increased transparency and the possibility of quickly taking the right type of action.

A major employee survey was scheduled for 2021. However, due to the pandemic it was postponed.

Previous employee surveys have given INVISIO high marks overall as an employer. Many appreciate the trust that is shown and the opportunity to plan their work independently.

Continued growth in 2021

At year-end the number of employees, restated as full-time equivalents, was 181 (125), of which 130 were men (103) and 31 were women (22). In recent years the rate of recruitment has been high. In 2021 the number of employees increased by 56 people, most from the acquisition of Racal Acoustics but also as a strengthening of the organization in R&D and sales.

Staff turnover in 2021 was less than 4 per cent (3). Short-term sickness absence in relation to the total number of hours worked was 1.0 per cent (0.8).

Outstanding expertise and top-level skills are the hallmark of INVISIO employees. More than a third work in R&D. Acoustics, electronics, mechanics and software are among the particular areas of specialty. In addition, INVISIO’s employees have skills in sales and marketing, quality assurance and purchasing. Most of the employees work at INVISIO’s headquarters in Copenhagen. There are also staff in the USA, France, England, Italy and Thailand.

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