Public Safety

Officers maintaining public order and protecting people and property benefit from INVISIO’s unique combination of cutting-edge tactical communication and hearing protection systems while maintaining situational awareness.

During critical operations such as riot control, hostage situations or rescue missions, the need for hearing protection and crystal-clear communication is crucial to both officer and public safety.

Crystal clear communication

INVISIO communication systems are developed to handle all sorts of extreme environments including crowds, public venues, demonstrations, gunfire, breaching, vehicles/helicopters, etc. INVISIO’s cutting-edge technology provides crystal clear communication that is essential for reducing risk for the officer and ensuring mission success.

360° situational awareness

Officers need to maintain situational awareness, while being protected from potentially damaging noises, such as flash bangs, gunshots or explosions, as well as continuous noise from vehicles or helicopters. INVISIO systems use advanced digital signal processing with an ergonomic headset design to provide the most natural hearing possible.

Preventing hearing damage

There is a significant risk of noise induced hearing loss for law enforcement officers due to the environments they operate in. Officers are exposed to a variety of high or constant noise, including gun fire, explosions, sirens, traffic and radio chatter.

Decibel Scale (dBA)

After prolonged exposure to decibel levels above 80 dB(A) people can start to suffer from permanent hearing loss. INVISIO headsets reduce harmful acoustic pressure so that it does not exceed 85 dB(A).

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