Audit Committee

The Board as a whole fulfills the duties of the Audit Committee.

The Audit Committee is responsible for ensuring the quality of the Company’s financial and business reporting. The Committee evaluates INVISIO’s internal control processes and management of financial and operating risks. The Committee is also responsible for the Board's regular communication with the Company's auditors, reviews the work of the external auditors, establishes guidelines for purchasing services other than auditing from the company’s auditors, and assist the Nomination Committee when preparing a proposal regarding the election of auditors and compensation for audit work.

Remuneration Committee

At the statutory meeting of the Board of Directors following the 2019 AGM, the Remuneration Committee was appointed, comprising Charlotta Falvin (Chairman of the Committee) and Annika Andersson.

The Remuneration Committee prepares matters for board decisions on issues related to compensation principles, compensation and other terms of employment for company management, and following and evaluating programs, both current and those completed during the year, for variable remuneration for company management, as well as following and evaluating the application of the guidelines for remuneration of senior executives, which by law must be determined by the Annual General Meeting, as well as current compensation structures and compensation levels in the company.