Strategy & Financial Targets

Strategy for profitable growth

INVISIO's overall growth strategy is reflected in four areas:

  1. Increase market share in existing markets
    Follow-up orders in the context of awarded contracts are of great importance for INVISIO. The company must therefore retain, take care of and develop business with customers in defense and security in North America, Europe and Oceania.

  2. Expand to new geographies
    INVISIO will continue marketing in the countries of South East Asia, the Middle East and South America with a view to expanding to new markets with growth potential. This marketing is mainly together with selected partners.

  3. Broaden the product portfolio through innovative development
    INVISIO intends to continuously broaden its portfolio with user-friendly, flexible and cost-efficient products. This broadening will be through innovative product development close to the customer.

  4. Conduct business cost effectively
    Sound profitability with continued growth will be maintained by focusing on costs internally in the company and for manufacture of the company's products.

Financial targets

  • INVISIO's sales are to increase on average by 20 per cent per year
  • The operating margin should not fall below 15 per cent.