INVISIO’s offices (red), markets (blue) and potential new markets (green)



The effects of hearing loss. A growing awareness of the effect of hearing loss on individuals and society is a further factor in increasing demand for INVISIO’s equipment. Hearing impairment and tinnitus are the most common injuries among veterans of the American defense forces

Drivers and entry barriers


Structural demand. Countries throughout the world modernize their defense forces and security forces. The growing significance of communication for military and law enforcement operations entails demands for new or modified radio equipment. When more and more soldiers and police officers are supplied with modern radio solutions demand for the company’s system grows. 


Framework agreements and programs. Long lead times and entry barriers characterize INVISIO’s markets. Multi-year framework agreements are signed with the supplier that wins a public procurement contract. The tender is usually preceded by requests and customer tests. It may take several years from the first customer contact to procurement and a first order. Competitors wanting to enter the market must set aside time and resources as well as having a great deal of patience. The market structure is characterized by a small number of actors with long-standing relations to their customers.

The personal system


Military and defense market. INVISIO’s primary target group consists of technologically mature countries in Europe and North America with high awareness of hearing protection issues. About two million potential users are serving in these countries' defense forces.

The value of the global defense market for INVISIO's personal system is estimated to be about SEK 20 billion. As a rule, customers carry out procurements at four-year intervals, which means that the average annual target market is about SEK 5 billion.

There are currently about 200,000 users of INVISIO’s system and thus the market penetration is 10 percent. Consequently, there is great potential for continued growth in the target market.

Law enforcement and security market. There is a total of 2.7 million police in INVISIO’s markets. The company estimates that 30 per cent of them are relevant to the company’s offer, which means that the target group has 700,000 to 900,000 potential users. 
Initially INVISIO is focusing on the law enforcement markets in the USA and Europe and selected countries in Asia. The value of the law enforcement and security market for INVISIO’s personal system in these markets is estimated to be about SEK 9 billion. The company estimates that its customers carry out procurements at intervals of five to seven years, which means that the annual addressable market for INVISIO’s system is worth about SEK 1.5 billion.


The company estimates that its customers will carry out procurements at intervals of five to seven years, which means that the annual addressable market for INVISIO’s portable Intercom system is worth about SEK 500 million.

The mounted system. In a second phase INVISIO intends to address the customers’ existing fleets of vehicles, as well as vehicle manufacturers and vehicle equipment companies. The company estimates that there are about 650,000 vehicles relevant to INVISIO’s offer.

The estimated life of the system is about ten years, which gives an annual addressable market of about SEK 6.5 billion.

The Intercom system


A portable system. With the Intercom system INVISIO is broadening its offer with a unique communication solution to use together with the personal equipment in vehicles, boats and helicopters for military or law enforcement purposes. The system can be carried by an individual user as a portable version or be mounted in a vehicle, boat or other means of transport.

In a first phase INVISIO intends to focus on the portable offer and direct it towards current users of the personal system. The company estimates that the addressable market is 25,000 – 40,000 systems.