INVISIO’s solutions create a safer work environment for military and police personnel. The systems enable communication in extremely noisy environments while protecting hearing, which means major operative advantages, fewer cases of hearing loss and lower rehabilitation costs for society. 

The personal communication system

The personal communication system enables communication in extremely noisy environments, attenuates noise and high, sharp sounds without compromising situational awareness. It consists of a headset, control unit and connection cables.  

  • The system gives both passive protection (against continual noise) and active protection (against sounds from explosions, for example).
  • Allows full situational awareness in all environments through microphones on the outside of the equipment that pick up and transmit surrounding sounds.
  • Raises situational awareness through amplified surrounding sound.
  • Can be connected to radio, intercom, cellphone, mine detector, computer etc. 
  • Is fully compatible with INVISIO’s Intercom system. 

The Intercom system

The personal system can be combined with INVISIO’s Intercom system that gives access to radio and communication systems in all forms of transport the user travels in. The Intercom system can be carried by the user in a backpack or be mounted in any form of transport. 

  • The Intercom unit enables users in vehicles, boats and helicopters to use the personal system to communicate within and outside the group despite challenging radio conditions.
  • Gives the users access to the vehicle’s various radio and communication systems.
  • Offers safer transition from one mode of transport to another since the users can retain their radio connections and hearing protection during the switchover.