Personal communication systems 

The main strength of INVISIO’s offer is that it is a comprehensive system solution, which means superior function and user-friendliness. The personal system for users in the field is fully compatible with the Intercom system, which means that a user can use one and the same system both in transit and moving in the field. Racal Acoustics solutions for users in and around heavier vehicles will ultimately be fully compatible with INVISIO’s other offers.

INVISIO’s system for
users in the field

Strengths and qualities

  • Advanced technology that enables crystal clear communication.
  • Provides both passive and active hearing protection.
  • Microphones on the outside of the equipment enable heightened situational awareness.
  • Offers full integration with other sound sources, such as radios, mobile phones and mine detectors.
  • The patented IntelliCable® technology enables plug-and-play integration with all types of equipment.

Racal Acoustics system for environments with constant high noise

Strengths and qualities

  • Industry-leading hearing protection for vehicle environments thanks to digital active noise reduction.
  • High communication capacity in extreme conditions.
  • Robust design that can withstand demanding and damp environments.
  • High comfort level allows prolonged use.
  • Compatible with all types of sound sources.
  • Will be fully compatible with INVISIO’s solutions.

Intercom system

The Intercom system offers internal communication and connectivity in vehicle environments that otherwise often lack that functionality. The system is either portable or mounted. The Intercom system can be connected in series, which makes it simple to increase the number of users. The power port can be connected to the vehicle’s power source or to an external battery. 

Strengths and qualities 

  • Enables users in vehicles, boats and helicopters to use the personal system to communicate within the group despite challenging radio conditions. 
  • Gives users access to the vehicle’s various radio and communication systems, based on the individual user’s permissions. 
  • Offers safer transition from one mode of transport to another, since the users can retain their radio contact while using hearing protection. 
  • Is fully compatible with INVISIO IntelliCable® – smart cables with technology that enables seamless integration with all types of new and older communication systems.