A safer work environment for users

INVISIO develops and sells communication systems that enable reliable communication in challenging and noisy environments. The systems help the users to work more safely and efficiently, while also protecting against hearing loss. Apart from reducing the risk of occupational injury, they thereby also contribute to reduced costs related to care and compensation for hearing loss.

INVISIO’s products are used by professional users, mainly military and law enforcement, and often in critical situations. Their advantages mainly consist of:

Clear communication, even in environments with high sound levels The systems and their advanced microphones enable communication in environments where normal speech cannot be heard, and in situations where access to correct information may mean the difference between life and death.

Increased situational awareness Microphones on the outside of the equipment that pick up and amplify surrounding sounds. This enables the user to hear sounds that the human ear cannot otherwise perceive.

Improved communication capacities and increased flexibility Combining the personal system with the Intercom system, primarily used in vehicles, enables communication both in the vehicle and with the outside world in a considerably more effective and efficient way than is otherwise possible.

Prevents hearing loss

Apart from improved safety in critical situations, INVISIO’s system also protects against hearing loss and related ailments that may arise as an effect of high sound levels. It is not unusual for hearing loss to also adversely affect perceived quality of life.

INVISIO’s personal communication equipment protects the user against harmful sounds through a combination of passive and active protection.

Passive protection The headset’s passive protection, in the form of replaceable ear-plugs or cups, reduces all ambient sounds and is mainly intended to protect against hearing loss that may arise as an effect of high noise levels over a long period.

Active protection The electronic protection in the control unit reduces both noise over a longer period – for example from aircraft – or more transient noise from a mortar burst, for example. Harmless noise reaches the ear unchanged, almost as if the wearer were not wearing an in-ear headset.

Hearing impairment and tinnitus are the most common injuries among veterans of the American defense forces. Apart from personal suffering, they also entail major costs to society. According to the US Department of Veterans' Affairs, at the close of 2019 hearing loss and tinnitus together accounted for about 17 per cent of the total number of claims for which American veterans receive compensation.


Hearing loss and tinnitus
account for about 17 per cent
of the total number of claims
for which American veterans
receive compensation in 2019.