Ethical approach and decent business practices

INVISIO’s work on ethics and against corruption is of central importance. The company works actively to ensure a high level of confidence among customers, suppliers, employees, partners, shareholders and society in general.

Ethical approach

For INVISIO it is important to be ethically correct. This strengthens competitiveness and contributes to high credibility. INVISIO respects the laws and rules that apply in the markets where it operates. The Code of Conduct describes the basic principles for how managers and employees throughout the organization should act in their daily work and in contacts with customers, suppliers, competitors and other external parties. The corresponding principles are also laid down in the Code of Conduct for suppliers and partners.


Zero tolerance applies to all forms of corruption, which includes all offering or accepting of bribes. INVISIO’s Code of Conduct also defines what applies, for example to gifts or in the event of any conflict of interest. In 2020 no cases linked to corruption were reported.

Governance and organization

As a complement to current legislation, the Board and Management of INVISIO have together formulated and adopted a framework that sets out guidelines for how INVISIO is to act as a responsible company and employer. The framework consists of both internal regulations and guidelines, and adherence to external principles and recommendations. Some of the most important are presented below.

Code of Conduct The Code of Conduct establishes common rules for how INVISIO employees are to act towards each other and when representing the company. The guidelines aim to guarantee a safe work environment and equal and fair treatment of all employees. Underlying the Code of Conduct are the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

All employees in the INVISIO Group have a personal responsibility to read, sign and comply with the Code of Conduct. To ensure that this is done, a procedure for follow-up is integrated into the company’s quality management system. Approval is registered in the document management system.

INVISIO’s Group Management is responsible for compliance with the Code of Conduct. The guidelines are supplemented by INVISIO’s anti-corruption policy and Code of Conduct for suppliers, corporate governance rules and a number of internal policies.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers As part of the company’s methods for accountability in the supplier

chain, INVISIO works continually to tighten up requirements and expectations of suppliers regarding matters related to social aspects, ethics, environmental issues and anti-corruption. The company’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers establishes principles for ethical and responsible conduct in accordance with internationally recognized regulations.

The requirements of the Code of Conduct include minimum wages, regulated working hours and a prohibition on child labor.

Anti-corruption policy INVISIO considers that all forms of corrupt procedures, such as bribes, improper pressure, fraud, money laundering or cartel formation

are harmful. To ensure that employees and existing partners and customers comply with laws as well as good practice in the area, the company has established an anti-corruption policy.

Quality policy The quality policy reflects INVISIO’s view of quality and aims to ensure that the company’s products meet customer needs and comply with regulatory requirements. Quality awareness is a central element of INVISIO’s corporate culture and makes its mark on the company’s sustainability work throughout the value chain.

Other policy documents Apart from the above- mentioned policy documents, INVISIO has produced further documents to support the company’s operations, such as policies to ensure that financial reporting to the capital market is correct and that the company is governed in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances.

INVISIO’s quality management system

INVISIO’S quality management system is certified under the international standard ISO 9001 and contains policies, processes, work procedures, controls and rules for quality work. The quality management system includes all activities that INVISIO is directly or indirectly involved in, from identifying customer needs, tenders and contracts, to product development, purchasing, suppliers, sales,

customer support and other processes. The CEO and management group are responsible for the quality management system and the quality manager is responsible for monitoring, audit, reporting and further development. The system’s appropriateness, efficiency and plans for strategic improvements are regularly reported to the Board.