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Objectives and strategy
Innovative solutions that make a difference

INVISIO’s overall objective is to generate sustainable growth with sound profitability. The financial targets are to increase sales by an average of 20 per cent per year and that the operating margin should over time exceed 15 per cent.

Achieving the targets requires continued innovative product development, market penetration and expansion, as well as cost focus.

Strategy and targets
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CEO's comment
INVISIO is back on the growth track

There was a strong close to 2022. The company started 2023 with a record-high order book of more than SEK 625 million. At the same time profitability has strengthened, the operating margin exceeds 20 per cent in Q4 2022.

The extensive forward-looking investments carried out in recent years relating to broadening the product portfolio, acquiring Racal Acoustics and strengthening both the R&D and sales organizations, have resulted in INVISIO today being considerably stronger. 

Annual Reports
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Strategy for profitable growth

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INVISIO’s business pillars
Customer First, Innovation, Passion and Team Work


INVISIO provides cutting-edge personal communication and protection systems that allow the user to:

- Communicate clearly even in extreme environments.
- Be hearing protected against harmful sounds.
- Retain full situational awareness while being protected.
- Integrate seamlessly with a wide range of communication devices and equipment.


INVISIO strives to constantly push the limits of technologies in order to protect and enable professionals so that they can operate and communicate clearly and safely in all environments with the highest possible operational performance.

About the INVISIO group

A scalable business model

The core of INVISIO’s business model is to use good understanding of the customer and innovative capacity to develop effective communication solutions, creating value for both users and society.

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Investment case
Why invest in INVISIO?
In recent years the company has made considerable investments in both the customer offer and its sales organization. The investments have resulted in a new offer – the Intercom system – and sales offices in the UK, USA, France, Thailand and Italy.

The sales target for INVISIO is average annual growth of 20 per cent. The target for the operating margin is that it should over time exceed 15 per cent.

The investment case aims to show significant value drivers for the INVISIO share.

Why invest in INVISIO?
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