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Performance targets

2023 Performance Targets
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Increase market share in existing markets
Apart from winning new procurement contracts, the company endeavors to increase its sales in the context of agreements already signed. The company is to win new customers and further develop business with existing customers in its markets in North America and Europe.

The number of users continues to grow. The degree of penetration for the personal system among defense customers in Europe and the USA is estimated to be just over 10 per cent.

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Broaden the product portfolio through innovative development 
INVISIO intends to continually broaden its portfolio of user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective products. This broadening will be through innovative and customer oriented product development.

The launch of the new AI and software based technology platform considerably improves the potential for developing customized solutions. The acquisition of Racal Acoustics has considerably contributed to a significant broadening of the product portfolio.

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Address new user groups
INVISIO aims to reach volume markets by increasing the number of user groups with a similar need to communicate in noisy and challenging environments while at the same time protecting hearing.

In 2021 INVISIO continued to address the law enforcement and security market. An increasing number of law enforcement organizations and fire-fighting services are showing interest in INVISIO’s solutions.

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Expand to new geographies
INVISIO is to expand to new geographical markets, not least selected markets in Asia, the Middle East and South America will play a growing role.

The expansion to new geographical markets, mainly in Asia, was made more difficult by the pandemic.

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Sustainable and cost-effective operations
Continued sustainable and profitable growth will be maintained among other things by focusing on costs internally in the company and for manufacture of the company’s products. INVISIO and its manufacturing partners collaborate closely to safeguard volume gains and competitive production costs.

A high level of cost awareness and a long-term sustainable perspective are a natural part of the business operations. Sustainability work was intensified during the year, for example through reporting of the company’s CO2 footprint and the introduction of a whistle-blower function.

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