Sustainability – four focus areas

Sustainability is an integrated part of INVISIO’s business operations. The work is characterized by a long-term perspective, constant improvements and a focus on user needs. All in all, the environmental impact is deemed to be limited.

INVISIO’s products are used by professional users, mainly in the military, law enforcement and security, but also in other sectors and industries. The users are often found in critical and intensive situations. The common denominator for the products is that they enable effective communication, while protecting against hearing loss. Apart from reducing the risk of injury and personal suffering, they also contribute to reducing the costs to society related to care and compensation for hearing loss and physical injury.

The products are classed as personal protective equipment and thus not subject to legislation covering military equipment etc.

Limited environmental impact

INVISIO’s operations are not subject to licensing requirements. The environmental impact that exists

mainly arises in connection with manufacture  (in the form of consumption of resources, mainly plastic and metals) and emissions of CO2 (in connection with travel). The combined environmental impact is deemed to be limited and not of a significant nature. This does not, however, prevent INVISIO from working continuously on improvements and efficiency gains.

Other priority areas include questions related to ethics and anticorruption. Here too, structured work is conducted that includes suppliers and partners as well as our own organization.

Ambition for 2022

INVISIO intends to continue its long-term work in the area of sustainability. This will take more and more place in our daily work across the company. In 2022 we plan for example to do an updated materiality analysis and started mapping the business related to the UN Global Goals.