Denmark has a long tradition of world-leading technology in hearing and acoustics with products from hearing aids to headsets and loudspeakers. INVISIO originates from this tradition.

The business was established in 1999 in Copenhagen to develop headsets for communication based on bone conduction technology. In 2003 the company was registered in Sweden.* Until 2008 the company marketed its products to the consumer market and professional users. Then operations were streamlined to focus on communication systems with inbuilt hearing protection for professional users. A breakthrough for the business came at the end of 2013 when the U.S. army placed orders as part of their modernization drive.


INVISIO expands its product offering and expertise by acquiring Racal Acoustics, a world-leading UK-based supplier of communication and hearing protection solutions for high noise environments.


The five-year framework agreement with customer in the American Department of Defense worth SEK 290 million is the largest in the company’s history. The orders totaling SEK 55 million from the Belgian army mean that INVISIO gained one more defense force as a customer. The US Marines and the US Air Force elite unit, the Guardian Angels, chose INVISIO as a supplier in the second half of the year. Orders from the German and Japanese police, together with a framework agreement and first order from the Swedish police means a breakthrough in the law enforcement market. INVISIO’s new offer, the Intercom system, met great interest in connection with the market launch.

Continued focus on building a larger company with a broader product portfolio, more markets and stronger customer relations. The collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Defense was extended through a 5-year agreement. Launch of control unit INVISIO V10 for special units.

Continued focus on building a larger company with a broader product portfolio, more markets and stronger customer relations. Own sales team in place in the USA, France and Italy. Launch of the control unit INVISIO V50 and presentation of a new product category for communication in vehicles.

Strengthened market position through follow-up orders from modernization programs in the USA, UK and Australia, as well as defense customers in France and other Nato countries. Sales exceed SEK 300 million. R&D in focus with investments for the future. Launch of control unit INVISIO V20.

Broader customer base through contracts with three new army modernization programs in the UK, Canada and Australia, as well as important orders from the Swedish army. Increased resources for R&D.

Several large followup orders from the American TCAPS program and several volume orders from other Nato countries' Special Forces. Sales increase by more than 130 percent and INVISIO reports a profit for the first time. Launch of the second generation headset, INVISIO X5.

Breakthrough order for SEK 40 million from the US Army through the TCAPS modernization program. Special Forces in several Nato countries continue to place orders. Full year sales more than doubled to SEK 85 million.

Improved technical advantage through the launch of the INVISIO V60, the industry's smallest and most advanced hearing protection and communication system. Receipt of a followup order for an army customer in Nato.

Launch of hearing protection and communication system INVISIO S10 for use together with a radio unit. This was followed by an order from the Danish army, an important reference order from the domestic market.

A number of reference orders were received from American and European defense customers. Through partners the company started to participate in procurements for defense modernization programs. Launch of the INVISIO X6 headset, which can be adapted to the wearer's ear shape.

Launch of the first digital hearing protection and communication system for use with multiple radios, the control unit INVISIO X50 with the INVISIO X5 headset. The first volume orders for these were received from individual Nato countries' Special Forces.

INVISIO leaves the consumer market to focus on communication solutions for professional users.