Denmark has a long tradition of world-leading technology in hearing and acoustics with products from hearing aids to headsets and loudspeakers. INVISIO originates from this tradition.

The business was established in 1999 as the Danish company Nextlink.to A/S to develop in-ear headsets for communication based on bone conduction technology for mainly the consumer market. In 2008 operations were streamlined to focus on solutions made for extreme environments, offering both communications and inbuilt hearing protection under the brand name INVISIO. A breakthrough for the business came at the end of 2013 when the U.S. army placed orders as part of their modernization drive.*


Increased market share and enhanced focus on product development. INVISIO received a number of important followup orders from modernization programs in the USA, UK and Australia, as well as defense customers in France and several other Nato countries. Launch of control unit INVISIO V20.

Several important new procurement contracts won and strengthened position in the defense market. Major contracts and orders from armies in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Sweden. Continued orders from American TCAPS.

Several large followup orders from the American TCAPS program and several volume orders from other Nato countries' Special Forces. Sales increase by more than 130 percent and INVISIO reports a profit for the first time. Launch of the second generation headset, INVISIO X5.

Breakthrough order for SEK 40 million from the US Army through the TCAPS modernization program. Special Forces in several Nato countries continue to place orders. Full year sales more than doubled to SEK 85 million. Awarded ISO certification.


Improved technical advantage through the launch of the INVISIO V60, the industry's smallest and most advanced hearing protection and communication system. Receipt of a followup order for an army customer in Nato worth SEK 32 million, another important reference order.

Launch of hearing protection and communication system INVISIO S10 for use together with a radio unit. This was followed by an order from the Danish army worth SEK 11.5 million, an important reference order from the domestic market.

Through partners the company started to participate in procurements for defense modernization programs. A number of reference orders were received from American and European defense customers. Name changed to INVISIO Communications to clarify that the operations cover more than just headsets.

Launch of the first digital hearing protection and communication system for use with multiple radios, the control unit INVISIO X50 with the INVISIO X5 headset. The first volume orders for these were received from individual Nato countries' Special Forces.        


* The business was established in 1999 as the Danish company Nextlink.to A/S. On November 11, 2003, Nextlink AB was founded, to which all shareholders in Nextlink.to A/S transferred all their shares in 2004, making Nextlink.to A/S a wholly owned subsidiary to Swedish Nextlink AB. In 2008 this company changed its name to Invisio Headsets AB (publ) and in 2010 to Invisio Communications AB (publ). The parent company share was listed on the Nordic Growth Markets OTC list in 2004. Trading was moved to First North in 2006, and to First North Premier in 2009. On 2015, the share was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Small Cap, and in 2016 it was moved to the Nasdaq Mid Cap segment.