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We are with you every step of the way

It is our goal to provide and build customer value through insight.

Our services cover all stages of your program or mission, from assessment and specifications to training, supply chain- and product life cycle support.

Training and support
Training and support is part of the INVISIO package
Continuous training and support is a crucial element in ensuring satisfied operatives all over the world.

INVISIO offers thorough training courses to make users experts in operating and maintaining their equipment so using the INVISIO system in the field is simple and easy.

Training covers product overviews, set-up and individual fitting, donning and doffing, operation, features and functionality, hands-on test and trial, and care and maintenance.

INVISIO adapts to preferred formats and approach, such as “train all” or “train the trainer”. This typically includes user manuals, product and system quick guides, and training courses, presentations or videos.

Discover our video tutorials, 3D animations and how-to instructions for some of our most deployed products.

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Test & Evaluation
Test that our products meet your demands
Product reliability and performance in critical situations is key given the extreme environments they are used in.

As part of our commitment to quality and innovation, we proudly make our full range of communication systems available for testing & evaluation purposes.

The Test & Evaluation request is only available to support department, agency or unit formal field evaluations in the US market. For Rest of World testing, please contact your local sales representative.

T & E request
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Customized integration
Customized integration to meet the most demanding requirements
Industry-leading solutions for the most demanding customers around the world.

INVISIO constantly strives to meet customer expectations and to fulfil the implicit and explicit requirements from our customers.

With 20+ years of mission proven experience serving the most demanding elite units in the world, we know that different work environments and user groups requires specific solutions and customized needs.

We have worked with and procured long-term framework contracts with defense and law enforcement authorities in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and Denmark, among others.

Learn more about our communication systems as customized solutions for users within defense or public safety.

Communication systems
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Subject matter expert
INVISIO subject matter expert
INVISIO systems are customized to fit the needs of the specific user group. Finding the right comms system requires experienced advisors.

An INVISIO system is designed through close cooperation between our experienced specialists and customers to meet exacting requirements.

Many of our customer-facing experts have a background within defense or law enforcement and have used INVISIO equipment while serving. 

Outstanding expertise and top-level skills are the hallmark of INVISIO employees. Acoustics, electronics, mechanics and software are among their particular areas of specialty.

We are commitment to quality as a profound value and our overall objective is to serve and support our users in their professional lives.

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Care & maintenance
Care and maintenance for your INVISIO equipment
We help secure your investment and extend the useful life of INVISIO equipment through care and maintenance.

Protect, store and clean your INVISIO equipment after use to extend the product life and replace worn down, removable parts such as foam plugs, ear cushions and wind filters.

Accessories such as control unit covers are also used to protect and prolong the useful life of INVISIO systems.

We have developed a number of user manuals and guides with best-practice maintenance advice, fitting guides and other information relevant to the products, including headset, control unit, cables and accessories.

Care & maintenance
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Invisio Communication System Headset
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