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INVISIO systems

INVISIO personal equipment and intercom systems are based on simplicity, modularity and flexibility.

Seamless plug and play integration between headsets, control units, intercoms and interface cables is key to the versatility of the INVISIO system.

The INVISIO system thinking

Bridging the gap between mounted and dismounted scenarios.

INVISIO personal equipment and intercom systems are based on simplicity, modularity and flexibility to fit the communication needs of both the mounted and dismounted professional, regardless of operational requirements.

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INVISIO IntelliCable®
Plug & Play
INVISIO IntelliCable® enables all INVISIO equipment to be interchangeable and to integrate with other comms devices.

INVISIO systems enable automatic detection of hot-swap devices such as radios, intercom systems, mobile phones, computers and remote PTTs to set the audio and system parameters instantaneously. A major benefit is being able to deploy new equipment without having to replace or reprogram the INVISIO system.

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INVISIO Intercom System
Flexible & Mobile
The Intercom system bridges the gap between the mounted and dismounted soldier.

The INVISIO Intercom system makes it possible to connect multiple users and radios simultaneously.

When entering or exiting a vehicle, the soldier can access all vehicle communications directly from their INVISIO control unit. There is no need for disconnecting or connecting other equipment.

This allows for a safe and seamless inter-group communication and connection to the vehicle intercom system.

Intercom system
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INVISIO Personal System
Modular and Scalable
INVISIO solutions are versatile, scalable, and cost-effective.

The INVISIO Personal System is based on a range of control units and headsets that are fully interchangeable.

Equipment and systems are not restricted to serving one team but can be used across different scenarios and individual needs. This also means that it is not necessary to change a whole system in order to tailor a solution to a specific need or unit.

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INVISIO hearing protection
Market leading hearing protection
INVISIO systems provide industry-leading, certified hearing protection.

Received audio never exceeds a pre-defined level and the hear-thru Comfort Mode reduces ambient noise by 10 dB in constant high-noise environments.

For extreme noise, a dual layer hearing protection solution with SNR 43 dB with hear-through capability is available. This combines the INVISIO X7 in-ear headset with the INVISIO T7 over-the-ear headset.

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Unparalleled audio performance
INVISIO's cutting-edge technology enables crystal clear communication.

Thanks to advanced technologies and digital signal processing, audio is constantly optimized to the surrounding noise level.

All incoming and outgoing audio automatically adapts to the ambient noise and unwanted noise is either cancelled or filtered out for increased voice quality and speech intelligibility.

Control Units
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INVISIO 360° hear-through
Enhanced situational awareness
Full situational awareness while being protected and able to communicate at all times.  

INVISIO uses advanced digital signal processing, miniaturized audio components and ergonomic headset design to provide the most natural hearing possible - even in extreme conditions.

The INVISIO 360° hear-through comes in different modes:
Enhanced hearing for super-natural hearing in quiet environments, natural hearing where miniaturized speakers and microphones reproduce the sound naturally, and comfort hearing that enhances speech intelligibility and reduces ambient noise in high noise environments.

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