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Quality Management

Commitment to quality
INVISIO's commitment to quality is an essential ingredient of our culture and values with the overall objective of supporting our customers and users in their mission- (and sometimes life-) critical work-situations.

Our commitment includes compliance to international standards and regulations, in addition to specific requirements in the countries we operate, to meet the expectations of our customers and shareholders.

INVISIO has developed a comprehensive Quality Management System, and works continuously to refine and improve it. The Quality Management System complies with international regulations and standards (e.g., ISO 9001) where requested by our customers or required by authorities.

Quality Policy
Our commitment to Quality Management is reflected and deployed in many different areas, summarized by the following 4 focus points: 

Product performance and Reliability
Customer Focus
Continuous Improvement

Product Performance and Reliability
The users of our products work in critical situations, so the performance and reliability of our products and systems are our utmost concern.

We aim for the highest reliability by strenuous product testing and applying customer feedback. We conduct comprehensive verification and validation test procedures. Actual product performance in the field is monitored during the post market customer feedback process (as well as other results retrieved) and used for continuous improvements.

Certificates and standards
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Customer Focus
INVISIO aims to fulfil the implicit and explicit requirements and demands from our customers.

INVISIO constantly strives to meet customer expectations, such as through close dialog with customers (usually large national procurement agencies). We ask about the products and systems they need, their perception of our solutions and their experience using them. The close collaboration with key customers in the work of development is one of INVISIO’s strongest competitive advantages and the reason that the company’s products are found at the forefront of technology.


INVISIO endeavors to develop a culture and the required competences for all employees to actively take upon the responsibility and commitment to comply with company processes and constantly support the efforts to deliver products meeting our standards, as well as propose improvements to products and processes.

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Continuous improvements

INVISIO's Quality Management System covers all steps of our value chain from customer needs identification through Product Development, Industrialization, Supplier Quality Management, Receiving Inspection, Manufacturing, Final Inspection, Packaging, Shipping and Post Market Support/Service processes.

We constantly seek to improve our business and monitor discrepancies and trends in order to define improvements. Internal-, 3rd. Party/Authority-, and Supplier Auditing, are also used to identify areas for improvement.

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