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INVISIO offers a wide range of accessories to cater for different requirements and configurations

INVISIO accessories

Discover a broad range of accessories, spare parts, attachments, and mounting options for your INVISIO solution.

INVISIO accessories
An adaptable system
INVISIO eco-system is market-leading in providing communication solutions that fit different use cases worldwide.

The INVISIO eco-system achieves this by being highly configurable and providing a good range of accessories for the system.
There are many ways this can benefit you, and we suggest you reach out to our professional sales organization which can help you cover your needs.

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INVISIO attachments
A broad range of mounting options
With INVISIO attachment options, you get endless mounting possibilities to fit your needs.

Most of the INVISIO product range utilizes a two- and four-screw system for our attachments. This enables you to choose between many different attachments and use them on your various INVISIO equipment.

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The INVISIO product range of headsets, control units, and intercom systems is fully interchangeable. The product system is based on simplicity, modularity, and flexibility to fit the communication needs of professionals within defense and law enforcement.

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