To be able to develop a communication system that meets the requirements of professional users INVISIO combines expertise in various disciplines. 

Intelligent Integration

Seamless plug and play integration between control units, intercoms, headsets and interface cables is key to the versatility of the INVISIO system, as it allows for deployment of new equipment without the need for updating existing INVISIO equipment. All INVISIO systems feature INVISIO IntelliCable™, a unique identification that enables all equipment to be interchangeable across current and future INVISIO systems.

Bone Conduction Microphone

Clear communication during a mission can mean the difference between life and death. INVISIO headsets utilise the patented INVISIO Bone Conduction Technology. Instead of traditional sound wave technology, a small and comfortable in-ear microphone picks up vibrations from the user's jawbone. The vibrations are converted into sound, delivering crystal clear communication under extreme conditions, even when whispering.

Hearing Protection

For personnel in the field, the ability to communicate clearly in environments with high noise while protecting their hearing and still be able to retain situational awareness, is a tactical advantage and can be a life saver. Soldiers and public safety officers in the field often experience very high noise levels that can impede the mission critical communication and damage their hearing. Hearing impairment is the most common injury for soldiers returning from active duty, combine this with risk of short term hearing damage due to explosions and the risk of mission failure is increased.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Full situational awareness with the ability to communicate and hear the surroundings at all times is critical. Soldiers and officers need to maintain natural hearing and still have protection from potentially damaging impulse noises, such as gunshots or explosions, as well as continuous noise from vehicles and aircrafts. INVISIO uses advanced digital signal processing, miniaturised audio components and ergonomic headset design to provide the most natural hearing possible - even in extreme conditions.


INVISIO offers a range of submersible systems that are waterproof down to 20 meters. Due to the unique design of the INVISIO bone conduction microphone being completely sealed and waterproof, INVISIO M3s headset is the obvious choice for your submersible needs.