INVISIO tactical communication systems is the system of choice for future soldier programs today, due to comfort, reliability, hearing protection and superior audio quality that gives natural sounding situational awareness and accurate directionality.

INVISIO systems addresses soldier system’s challenges of size and weight reduction, integration and power optimization by simplifying the system down to what soldiers need and only what they need.

Battlefield situational awareness

Soldiers need to maintain full situational awareness and still have protection from potentially damaging impulse noises, such as gunshots or explosions, as well as continuous noise from vehicles and aircrafts. INVISIO systems use advanced digital signal processing, miniaturised audio components and ergonomic headset design to provide the most natural hearing possible.

Efficient communication

On today’s military battlefield, efficient communication is essential for reducing risk for the soldier and ensuring mission success. INVISIO systems support full radio functionality for different mission scenarios, for both the mounted and dismounted soldier.

Effective hearing protection

For soldiers, the ability to communicate clearly in high noise environments while protecting their hearing is a tactical advantage and can be a life saver. The INVISIO systems provide certified hearing protection solution rated at *SNR 32 dB and *NRR 29 dB to meet the needs of demanding users in high noise environments.

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