Communication systems

Tactical communication and hearing protection systems for defense and public safety.

INVISIO provides professionals within defense and public safety reliable solutions to communicate in high noise and extreme environments, while protecting their hearing and maintaining situational awareness.

The INVISIO system thinking

Bridging the gap between mounted and dismounted scenarios.

INVISIO personal equipment and intercom systems are based on simplicity, modularity and flexibility to fit the communication needs of both the mounted and dismounted professional, regardless of operational requirements.

System Thinking 1640X984

Find the solution that fits your need

Defense and public safety users faces many challenges
Reduce size, weight and power
INVISIO addresses the challenges of size and weight reduction, integration, power optimization and situational awareness.

We simplify the system down to what the user needs and only what he/she needs. The user interface deals with the real issue of mission critical communications and provides state-of-the-art hearing protection. Size and weight are significantly reduced, and the power supply is centralized. User efficiency, safety and mobility increases.

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