Intercom System

Seamless integration between the dismounted and mounted user across land, air and sea.

The INVISIO Intercom is designed to bridge the gap between the dismounted and mounted professional, by seamlessly integrating to the INVISIO system. Capable of connecting to 4 combat net radios, and 5 users for internal voice communication, the Intercom provides clear communication in the noisiest of environments. It is a small and light weight system that can be powered from a vehicle or common combat radio battery. The Intercom is a highly mobile system that can either be mounted in the vehicle or carried on the go between vehicles.

  • Cable Auto-Sensing
  • 4 Com Ports
  • 5 User Ports
  • 1 Power Port
  • Submersible 2 Meter
  • Powers from Battery or Vehicle
  • 150 x 95 x 26 mm
  • 500 grams
  • Tan

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INVISIO Intercom