Intercom system backpack

Designed to make the INVISIO Intercom system an easy, portable solution.
The INVISIO Intercom is a highly mobile system that can be mounted in the vehicle or carried on the go with the INVISIO Intercom backpack.
The backpack is designed specifically for the INVISIO Intercom. It allows for easy access to the system and features removable straps and pouches for storage in tight spaces on board a vehicle.
The backpack is made of IRR Compliant 500d Cordura and measures 305 x 432 x 178 mm.
Products Pouches And Bags 1200X1200px V8
Products Pouches And Bags 1200X1200px V8
Backpack for your portable INVISIO intercom system.
Products Pouches And Bags 1200X1200px V8

Compatible with

Products Pouches And Bags 1200X1200px V8
ICS backpack FAQ
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